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About us

Welcome to Bayou Massage!

Come on in and enjoy our laid-back approach to your massage experience. Whether you are getting a massage to relax, rid yourself of a headache, alleviate back pain, or your weekend warrior just went a little too wild… We are here to tailor your massage to suit your body’s needs. Bayou Massage makes your massage experience easy, convenient and hassle free. It all starts before you even walk in the door with online scheduling. No phone tag! No waiting for a return call! You can book your massage anytime simply by using our online scheduling system. We know your time is important. It is why our one hour massage is actually 60 minutes. Crazy right? More importantly, we pride ourselves on being on time. No more watching your clock and thinking your massage time is just ticking away while you cool your heels in the lobby. We recognize that that is not conducive to relaxation. Last but certainly not least… You will not lose that sense of renewal and rejuvenation when you leave by dealing with a hard sell on membership because we simply don’t have one. We are here for you. Meeting your massage goals! At your convenience! Making every massage experience here as positive and easy as can be. So don’t hesitate… Schedule your massage today and take a little time out for yourself.

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