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Diana Kane
A massage therapist since 2008, Diana believes massage therapy is a team effort between the client and the therapist to achieve the goals set by the client. Communication is essential in reaching those goals whether they be relaxation, pain relieve our overall stress reduction. Over the years, Diana has taken continuing education for headache relief, Prenatal massage, hot stone massage, and burn scar massage therapy. Diana's massage philosophy  revolves around using a myriad of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial to reach goals without inflicting pain.

Therese Hazeltine

Hi, my name is Terry and I'd like to tell you about my personal experience with massage therapy. In 2006, I began my journey towards becoming a massage therapist. Once we got to the portion of the curriculum where I was receiving as well as giving massages, I realized the incredible impact frequent massage had on my body, mind and spirit. I learned to relax more and focus better. It improved my sleep quality, which gave me more energy and reduced my fatigue. I had issues with pain in my shoulders after years of heavy lifting. I was taught how to help relieve those trigger points while experiencing it first- hand. I thought "I want to do this for everyone." Now I embrace the fact that not only do I help people relax and relieve stress but I have an impact on easing their pain and improving their overall health. Unfortunately, people often consider massage as a luxury item. NOT SO! It is the most fundamental basis of optimal health. Massage has the power to improve your physical being, your personal image and your spiritual outlook.

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