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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. The most efficient way to make an appointment is to use the
online scheduler provided on this website. This allows you to fill out the intake forms online saving you time at your appointment. However, you can also call 727.491.8010.

Q. Do I have to get completely undressed for my massage?
A. This is a commonly asked question and the answer varies. You can undress to whatever level you are comfortable with. During your massage you will be draped appropriately and modestly. Please be aware that lotion will be used during your massage and may get on any clothing that remains. Feel free to discuss your concerns with your therapist at the time of your massage.

Q. Does massage have to hurt to be effective?
A. Another commonly asked question. It is our belief that massage does not have to cause pain to be effective. From time to time, a client may feel residual soreness the next day similar to that after a new work out. This is because the muscles did get a work out, it’s just that the workout was provided by the massage therapist. Client should always be in communication with their therapist letting them know if the pressure becomes too much at any time. Communication is key to an effective massage.

Q. How often should I get a massage?
A. The current rule of thumb is approximately four weeks for maintaining good muscle health. We advise that clients become aware of their bodies and pay attention to when they began to feel the effect of their massage dissipating. This is when you know it’s time for your next massage and can schedule accordingly. That being said, if a client is actively working on specific pain relief treatments, it is vital to stay on a recommended regimen usually every two weeks.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. We currently except all credit cards  including those for HSA and are more than happy to take your cash at the time of payment. Please be aware we do not keep a lot of change in the clinic though.

Q. What is draping?
A. Draping is the term used to refer to adjusting the sheets as needed to allow the massage therapist to work on specific body parts while keeping the rest of the body modestly covered.

Q. If I have any questions, when should I ask them?
A. We are always willing to answer any questions at any time. If you are comfortable, you can always call or email any questions. If questions are still not covered, you can ask before your massage, during your massage, and after your massage. We are always willing to answer any questions that will help you feel at ease and knowledgeable.

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